What is the Internet speed test?

The speed of the Internet is the number of bits of information transmitted per second (measured in kilobits per second Kbit / s, megabits per second Mbit / s or gigabit per second Gbit / s). High speed of connection is the most important factor that provides comfortable work in the World Wide Web. Therefore, the speed of the Internet is of interest not only for professionals, but for any user.

In order to understand what speed your provider is really offering, you need to translate the bits into bytes. One byte contains eight bits. This means that if the provider stated a speed of 256 Kbps (256 kilobits per second), then the data transfer speed should be 32 kilobytes per second.

The Internet speed test is a test for measuring the data rate.

You can not confuse the speed of the connection over the local network and the actual speed of Internet connection. The speed of 100 Mbit / s is possible only within the boundaries of your local network.

The speed of the Internet is measured by transferring a certain amount of information to the service site from your computer, as well as in the opposite direction. This calculates the average information transfer rate per unit time.

For the most accurate results, it is recommended to disable the programs for downloading files (emule, flashget, bittorrent, etc.), Internet radio, email clients, IRC, ICQ, Google Talk and other programs that use Internet traffic during the test. Ideally, it is better to repeat the test several times and compare the data obtained.

The speed of Internet connection depends on many factors. This is the type of communication line (fiber-optic communication lines, cable communication lines, etc.), Internet provider, network load (number of visitors at the moment) and others. The same provider at different times of the day, can show different results. If the resulting speed deviates from the provider's declared value by more than 10%, network problems are likely, for example, an accident on highways and major routers. If this happens, just repeat the test after a while.

If the Internet speed test showed the result, lower than the provider promises, do not get excited. The speed of the Internet may be lower, and because of poor settings of your computer, you have programs that constantly use Internet traffic, or even a virus.

You also need to take into account that different sites are on different server sites, and if your provider provides a good connection speed with some particular site, this does not mean that you should expect the same speed when connecting to another site that is possibly located on an outdated hosting.