VPS is an intermediate option between shared hosting and a  dedicated server . This is the middle ground for customers who need few shared hosting resources, and a dedicated server for them is an expensive solution.

Advantages and differences of VPS  from shared hosting:

  • VPS media contains significantly fewer clients; therefore, server resources are divided into fewer users;
  • access to the server with root privileges;
  • between VPS resources are distributed in such a way that you are guaranteed to receive the resources laid down by the tariff plan;
  • the ability to install additional software or reconfigure system software;
  • the ability to configure any system and application parameters according to your needs;
  • the ability to delete, add or modify any files in the system;
  • the ability to fully control all processes running on the VPS;
  • Each VPS owner has ssh access, personal web, mail, ftp servers, etc.
  • the ability to restart your VPS.