The My IP address website tool identifies your computer on Internet. It is your Public IP Address that makes your internet connection unique to other users. Bcuase of the unique IP Info, servers and other online services can indntify you and send you the information you request each time.

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What is the IP address?

The IP address of the computer (or ip) is the unique number of the computer on the network that allows you to distinguish your computer from all others. It consists of four sets of digits from 0 to 255. The IP address is static, that is, unchanged, or dynamic, that is, your computer will receive a new number each time it is connected. In the second case, you can also easily find the IP address on this page, but remember that the next time you connect to the network, it can change.

Why do I need to know my ip address?

Knowing your IP address is useful for several reasons. First, if you work with secure networks or sites, you may need to provide your unique number to the administrator. IP verification is a fairly common method of protecting against intruders.

Secondly, if you want to hide the traces of your being on the network, you will also have to find out your IP address in order to learn how to hide it. For this, various proxy servers and anonymizers are used.

Is my IP stored somewhere on my computer?

Yes, you can find out the IP of your computer from the data of the network card. However, if you go online through a router (and so often when connecting through a provider), your IP address on the network will match the address of this router, not your computer. Therefore, it is much more reasonable to check the IP in one of the online services, for example, on this page.

Does my IP report any information about me or my address?

Yes, theoretically, if someone can find out the IP address of your computer, it will be able to find you in the real world. In practice, you most likely go online through a router, so you do not have to worry.

My IP on the local network is different from the IP on your site. This is normal?

It should be so. To establish the "personality" of the computer, the system must check the IP address only within the network. Accordingly, the number of one of the three machines in the local network and the number of the millionth visitor of the Internet will not coincide. To find out the IP of the computer on the local network, you need to type the ipconfig command on the command line.

Can another person determine the IP of my computer?

Easily. Your unique number is stored in many services - often to check the IP of your computer, you do not even need to perform any additional actions. Some platforms for blogging, for example, automatically save the IP address of anyone

IP address classes

What part of the address refers to the network number, and which to the node number, is determined by the values ​​of the first bit of the address. The values ​​of these bits are also indicative of which class the IP address belongs to.

Specific IP addresses

In the IP protocol, there are several agreements on the special interpretation of IP-addresses:

  • If the entire IP address consists only of binary zeros, then it indicates the address of the node that generated this packet; This mode is used only in some ICMP messages;
  • If only zeros are in the network number field, then by default it is considered that the destination node belongs to the same network as the node that sent the packet;
  • If all bits of the IP address are equal to 1, then the packet with such destination address must be sent to all nodes on the same network as the source of this packet. This broadcast is called a limited broadcast;
  • If only units are in the field of the destination node number, then the packet having such an address is sent to all nodes of the network with the specified network number. For example, in the network with the mask, the packet with the address is delivered to all nodes of the network of this network. This broadcast is called a broadcast.

What is dynamic IP addresses?

An IP address is called dynamic if it is assigned automatically when the device is connected to the network and is used for a limited period of time, usually before the connection is terminated.